Heartbreaker Highlight - Dave Levy

Meet our newest Heartbreaker Highlight: Dave Levy!  A founding member of the club, Dave is a passionate runner and pusher of fun. He works hard on his running and he's always scheming a side-hustle of Heartbreaker sport and outings. The "Heartbewers", an unofficial sub group of the team that meets and runs to a brewery every Sunday, is all his idea. The Heartbreaker softball team? Dave. Their 0-10 season? Well, we'll say that's nobody's fault... Dave is a social guy and a big flyer of our flag. He has certainly earned this Heartbreaker Highlight! And, the best thing yet, he's a new dad! Congrats, Dave! Being a dad is a big responsibility and we know you have all of the love and Heart required to crush fatherhood. Get to know Papa Dave here:

Hometown & Alma Maters (High School and College(s), if applicable): Marblehead, MA with a stop in Scottsdale, AZ; proud Boston College alum


How old were you when you started running? 27


Why did you start running? I started running when I moved back to Boston after spending time post college in New York and DC; in those cities I had been really active with softball and soccer leagues, but didn't quite find it when I got back home. I was looking for a community of active folks and had moved to the South End, and it just seemed like everyone was running. After a particularly lazy Sunday in which I was sore after moving a couch, I decided to give it a whirl.

How did you learn about the Heartbreakers and why did you join? My first apartment back in Boston was just three blocks up on Columbus Ave from the South End Athletic Company. As I started to get interested in running, I had heard about the store - run by BC alums - and I decided to check it out. My first SEAC > Speed was about six years ago and I haven't looked back since!

Favorite part about being a Heartbreaker? The Heart has become a bat signal these days - you can throw out an idea and a dozen people will be there to join you for a run, a beer, a charity event - or even to walk your dog! I love that this group just rallies around each other and is always game to do something new. It shows itself every week where we can post to our Facebook community that a few of us want to jog to a brewery, and then 20 people show up and we have a nice little shake out run and a great time exploring the dozens of breweries in Boston.

Who's your favorite runner? I grew up in Marblehead, so obviously Shalane Flanagan


Do you run with music? If so, what's your favorite song to run to? Over the last year or so I've stopped running with music because I often find myself out there jogging with a friend and chatting up a storm the entire time. When I do throw on some tunes, usually it's a Spotify station around Fallout Boy's "Sugar, You're Going Down" - that definitely surfaces some great running tracks.

What's your favorite interval distance? (200s? 400s? 1000s? other) I think the 10k is the perfect race distance; enough time to get settled but also short enough for a push to keep knocking on new PRs. I hadn't done one in awhile but last fall I found myself in about three or four of them and I'm like, "I love this distance!"

What's one lesson about life you've learned through running? Personal Records are Personal - running means something different to every one, but no matter what your goal is, people will be there to stand by you. 

What's your day job? (If you care to share) I'm a marketing and PR consultant with Torch Communications and also daylight as a professor in the field of communication at UMass Boston.


If you could run with anyone dead or alive who would it be? I'd totally hit the Silos Marathon with Fixer Upper's Chip Gaines - I feel like that's someone who would be awesome to chat with through 26 miles of Waco.


What's your favorite podcast? Podcast the Ride - introduced to me by fellow Heartbreaker Justin Manjourides. If you have any nostalgia for theme parks and want to hear some mid-30s comedians share those sentiments, this is definitely the podcast for you.

Your social media handles? (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) @levydr just about everywhere!

Your short-term (2018) and long-term running goal(s)? Short term is to focus on life-run balance as I get used to being a new dad while keeping up with the Heartbreakers; long term is to get the remaining three world majors off my list - I only have the international ones to go so it may be some time.