The Michigan in Chicago - Conquer the historic workout on the streets of Chicago
Join Heartbreak's fastest marathoner, Jonny Phillips, and Chief Heartbreaker, Dan Fitzgerald, on this long and legendary workout. Filmed on the beautiful streets of Chicago, this treadmill adaptation will challenge and develop your abilities at everything from marathon to mile pace.
CAPTAIN CASH DEERFOOT DASH - 1000m repeats with Heartbreakers Captain, Conor Cashin
In the early stages of his build-up for the New York City Marathon, our team captain, Conor Cashin, took to the Charles River in Newton and Watertown, MA for some 1K repeats. Join Conor on your next workout!
62 minutes of intervals all over the streets of Boston, led by Chief Heartbreaker, Dan Fitzgerald, and founding Heartbreak Studio Coach, Jarick Walker.
DEERFOOT 30 - Condensed 30 minute version of a regular Deerfoot Dash class
On a time crunch? We've got you covered. Get your workout done in just 30 minutes with this class led by Chief Heartbreaker, Dan Fitzgerald, and founding Heartbreak Studio Coach, Jarick Walker!
MILE REPEATS - with Boston elites, Trevor Dunbar and Tommy Curtin
Trevor and Tommy took to Wellesley on a hot and humid day for some mile repeats around a local reservoir. Now it's your turn! Take these two pros with you on any treadmill, and execute your version of their long-form interval workout!
MILE PREP WORKOUT - with Professional Miler, Cory McGee
Follow-along with the workout that Cory did in preparation for the 2018 USA National Championship. This was six days out from the 1500m run, Cory's specialty event. Her workout? Two sets of 800m, 400m, 400m with full recovery between sets. Short, fast, and efficient!
DEERFOOT DASH - Boston Marathon Simulation
45 minute all-treadmill guided workout along the Boston Marathon course. Let Chief Heartbreaker Dan Fitzgerald and Heartbreaker Coach Ellen London guide you through the streets from Hopkinton to Boston. Expect an easy warm up, fast downhill, steady climbs, tempos, and a fast finish before cooling down.
KILLER 3s - Treadmill & Strength Mixed Workout
45 minute treadmill workout with body weight exercises mixed in. Guided by Coaches Dan, Jarick, and Amanda, expect an easy warm up, some plyometric exercises, planks, speed and hill intervals, and more!
DEERFOOT DASH - Coached Treadmill Workout
45 minute all-treadmill workout guided by Coaches Dan, Jarick, and Amanda. Expect an easy warm up, steady hills, strides, some of Jarick's expert jokes, and a cool down.
POWER 60 - Treadmill & Strength Mixed Workout
60 minute treadmill and strength mixed workout guided by Chief Heartbreaker Dan Fitzgerald and Heartbreaker Coach Ellen London Expect an easy warm up, plyometric drills, speed and hill intervals, strides, body weight and kettle bell exercises, and a cool down.